On Tuesday, 26 of May 2020, the Career Center UP will participate with two events on festival FestINNo, with the first e-implementation of the workshop Make Your Dreams Happen and with an online discussion: Students and young graduates in companies - burden or added value?

Workshop Make Your Dreams Happen is one of the permanent workshops in offer of KC UP, and is intended for everyone who would like to find out which behaviors and characteristics he or she has. They will find out this with using the Personal and Professional Development Questionnaire. Through the workshop, participants will identify their interests and strengths, and they will encourage their thinking about what kind of work they would like to do after graduation. The workshop is also intended to strengthen the skills of recognizing own competencies, which is of great help in planning a career and finding a job.


In the online discussion: Students and young graduates in companies - burden or added value? we will host interesting guests, and we will also invite other participants to the discussion. The aim of the discussion is speak about the involvement of students in work environments. We will talk about study practice, the transitions of young graduates to the labor market and their experiences, about all the positive and also those less good consequences of the inclusion of students and young graduates in work environments.

Our guests will be Mag. Igor Novak, Head of the Human Resources Department at the Development Center Slovenia, as a representative of Lek d.d., dr. Dušan Gošnik, lecturer and researcher at UP Faculty of Management, Mateja Erce, a graduate of University of Primorska (UP FAMNIT) and Blanka Palčič, Head of Career Center of University of Primorska.