"UPgrade - expand your knowledge!" and keep studying

UP is organising the "UPgrade - expand your knowledge!" fair of master's and doctoral programmes on Wednesday, 17 April between 11 am and 5 pm at the Museum Square (next to UP FAMNIT).

The fair is aimed at all those who are already thinking about the possibility of continuing their studies at a higher level, as well as for those who may be interested in pursuing a career at UP as researchers, assistants and/or assistants.

For the last two hours, students, alumni and staff will be available at various talking points to chat over coffee about their experiences and impressions and help you decide whether to continue. They will chat with you about:

  • parallel study,
  • changing course completely,
  • partial change of course - gaining other competencies,
  • re-entering the same level of study after graduation,
  • working as a young researcher at UP
  • working in the professional services of UP
  • studying in mature years; and
  • completing your studies after you have only your diploma/final thesis to write.

See you on Wednesday 17 April at UPgrade - expand your knowledge!