My job

It is completely understandable that the process of finding a job can be full of disappointment. It may seem that everyone else already has a job, only you are the one that doesn’t. It is quite possible that that the main culprit for the mentioned situation is the attitude towards finding a job. According to the research, inadequate attitude towards finding a job is a main reason for failure to do so. 

Belief about our ability to accomplish a task, such a finding a job, is one of the key factors for success. Belief is our way of looking at something, how we interpret it and what we decide to do about it.

Below are listed some of the suggestions that can help you with more effective job search:

  • plan your job search in several simple steps, with realistic, measurable and achievable goals. Write down three short-term goals and time in which you are planning to achieve the
  • make a plan on how you will dedicate from 30 to 40 hours per week to job search. And stick to that plan
  • no one will find a job instead of you, but a lot of people can help you with that. Find someone who can give you practical and emotional support
  • trust in yourself!