When we are familiar with our personality traits, skills, competences and values that we have, there comes the second step of the job search process-to identify possibilities that the labour market offers and among those, pick that ones that suits us the most.

This coordination process is very important because it leads us to the jobs where we will be successful and satisfied.

Almost no one is considered to be fit just for one just one occupation or just one job. Likewise there is no ideal profession where all of our expectations are met. But if we make good research when exploring our opportunities, we can end up in a job that is pretty close to our ideal.

That’s why, when researching our opportunities, we have to be very thorough and we have to take time for it. This process can’t be done in just one day, it can’t even be done once for all.  Throughout life we constantly learn and change-our interests change, our values change. That’s why we have to ask ourselves following questions:

  • Which jobs are even a possible option for me? If it is possible, consult a career counsellor who can help you discover professions that you wouldn’t think of by yourselve.

  • Additional education possibilities: regardless of our primary profession, education system offers a lot of additional options that can open new doors for us.