Competence of setting goals effectively does not finds us by itself, but we have to develop and improve it.

Goal represents a desired result. It is an answer to the question “what do I want?” Goals are source of motivation and can stimulate the effective process of self-organization. Usually we are more aware of what we don’t want than what we do want and we often define our goals as a kind of problem and obstacle. The following sentence “I don’t want to end up in a boring job as a majority of people” probably sounds very familiar. But knowing what we don’t want is not enough for us to channel our will, knowledge and engagement into what we truly want.

Setting goals helps us to follow our career path. It is very easy to find ourselves consumed with everyday obligations or to find ourselves pursuing goals that are not truly ours: “I study economy because my parents think that’s the best for me”. Goal setting is one way of how we can include our life mission in the planning of our career. By choosing long and short-term goals, that reflect our competences, skills, values and life mission, we ensure that we feel completed when achieving goals and not just good.