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At the Career Center of the University of Primorska, the Center for Lifelong Learning and Career Orientation we also provide an opportunity for students of our university to do their internship with us.

In 2021, three students of UP FTŠ Turistica, despite the specific conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the adapted way of working, successfully completed a three-month internship at KC UP.

Students Sabina, Aljaž and Denis prepared, among other things, a report on the internship at KC UP and a video with a presentation of UP study programs.

From March 1 to June 30, 2021, three students of UP FTŠ Turistica underwent internships at the Career Center of the UP, the Center for Lifelong Learning and Career Orientation (KC UP).

The internship was originally based on a project, whose client was KC UP, and students of UP FTŠ Turistica assisted us in the implementation. The main purpose of the project was to organize a Career Day for students of UP FTŠ Turistica, where we got in touch with potential employers. The interns took over the entire organization and implementation of the event, with the help of mentors at KC UP and at the faculty.

For the implementation of the event, we first prepared a project plan, where we defined the objectives, tasks, resources, funding and potential risks in the implementation of the project. Once the plan was prepared and approved by the mentors, we began organizational activities. We prepared questionnaires for students, where they could express their wishes regarding the invited representatives of the economic sector or employers. Based on the collected results, we then formed letters for the selected employers and the program of the event, all of which were sent to them by e-mail. The program included a discussion on the topic of restarting tourism after the pandemic, presentations of individual companies and the possibility of conducting informative job interviews. Then we published the event on the website and social networks of KC UP and started with more detailed planning of the event.

Sabina took over the role of moderator at the event, while the others took care of technical matters. We held our career day online in April, and we were very satisfied with the participation and the course of the whole event. After the event, we sent thanks to all interlocutors for participation, and provided students with evaluation questionnaires. We completed the project by self-evaluation and writing a report.

As we completed the project quickly, the students and employees of KC UP agreed to participate in other activities of the UP Career Center. Thus, students helped with the implementation of other events and workshops, wrote news and articles, took care of some administrative matters, and in June we also prepared a presentation video for the study programs of UP FTŠ Turistica, which you can watch below.

We find working at KC UP very interesting and dynamic, but at the same time, we learned a lot through practice, especially when it comes to organizing events. This will certainly be of great benefit to us in the future, as the organization of events is part of our profession. We established very good relations with the employees, and above all, we liked that they followed our suggestions and solutions and left us quite free. We will be happy to continue cooperating with the UP Career Center, even after the internship.