One of the activities that Career center of the UP offers is also career counselling. The process consist of several meetings where the individual tries to recognize his or her own life mission, and on that basis, formulates a career plan in which defines what, when and how wants to achieve it.

Four steps of career counselling are:

  • in the first step career counsellor gives a feedback on the Personal and Professional Career Development Questionnaire (V-OPR), that the individual had previously completed. Feedback is accompanied with conversation during which an individual starts with active self-exploration)
  • in the second step individual with counsellor’s help investigates career options based on individual’s personal traits, abilities and wishes. At this point we also talk about possibilities of lifelong learning, about useful student or others forms of activities, about making a competence portfolio etc.
  • in the third step measurable and realistic goals are set. We also determine the time in which mentioned goals will be reached and design a career plan.
  • In the fourth step individual goes in the action and tries to realize the set plan. If necessary it can always contact career counsellor at any time.

Career counselling is provided for various purposes:

  • Career counselling for high school students when choosing what to study,
  • Career counselling to learn how to successfully manage study process and achieving career goals,
  • Help with the preparation of the competence portfolio and with the achievements recording,
  • Help with the preparation of personal presentation, motivational letter and job interview,
  • Ideas on how to get your first work experience while studying,
  • Encouraging active inclusion in the university environment with intention of acquiring additional competences, skills and knowledges (workshops, round tables, summer schools, conferences and other forms of education and trainings),
  • Encouraging the acquisition of additional competences within the scope of lifelong opportunities,
  • Business counselling and counselling for business teams


  Personal and Professional Career Development Questionnaire is for now available only in Slovene language.