Lifelong Learning

The concept of lifelong learning has today become a necessary part of the career advancement of every individual and means the continuous acquisition of formal and informal knowledge throughout life. Lifelong learning today represents one of the key competences of the 21st century. The concept of lifelong career orientation also stems from the need for continuous learning and upgrading of knowledge. This is a continuous process that enables individuals at all ages and throughout their lives to identify their abilities, competences and interests, to make decisions in the field of education, training and career choice.

Additional knowledge and skills are offered by various workshops and trainings offered within the so-called CAREER BASKET.

The offer of lifelong learning at KC UP is aimed at acquiring complementary competences of users. It is designed to comprehensively guide the user from the moment he becomes aware of the need to define his mission through individual counseling and personal growth, equipping himself with the necessary competences and acquiring additional knowledge and skills, until he successfully enters the labor market or successfully completes his previous career. start a career path. In any case, our goal is a satisfied and successful individual on the career path.

The offer is intended for students, graduates and employees of UP and others who would like to acquire additional competences. We also offer our activity to students who still have a very important decision to make regarding their career path.