An invitation to join a register of lifelong learning experts at the University of Primorska

The University of Primorska (hereinafter UP), together with its members, already offers a wide range of formal and non-formal lifelong learning programs designed for various target groups as an opportunity to acquire additional knowledge and skills. Renowned experts and researchers, guests from the local environment and beyond participate in the offer of lifelong learning programs. Within the framework of Mid-Term Development Strategy of the UP 2021-2027, we have also committed to further develop the lifelong learning programs (hereinafter LLP UP) for various target groups, to improve the network system of LPP UP by establishing a register of providers and experts in various fields, and additionally to expand the offer of LLP programs.

Therefore, UP invites all UP employees and students who have knowledge and skills in various fields and would like to share them with other employees, students and graduates of the UP and others to join the experts of Lifelong Learning at the UP.

By joining the register of Lifelong Learning experts at the UP, you will be actively participating in the pursuit of our University's shared goals and helping to raise awareness of the importance of acquiring additional knowledge and skills through the opportunities provided by the LLP networking system at the UP. You will also have the opportunity to share your specific knowledge with others, while enhancing your own knowledge and skills.

You can join the register of Lifelong Learning experts at the UP by submitting your e-application by 30 September 2021 HERE.

In the e-application, in addition to personal and contact details, you must also indicate what knowledge and skills you have and would like to share, as well as the area in which you classify your knowledge. You can select more than one area.

Colleagues at KC UP will review the e-applications received and may ask you for additional information. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your inclusion in the register of Lifelong Learning experts at the UP.

By joining the LPP networking system on the UP as an expert, you will be rewarded with new knowledge, acquaintances and opportunities, as well as some fun meetings of all active participants in creating new LLP successes on the UP!

For more information, you can contact:
Career Center of the University of Primorska
Tel.: +386 5 611 76 36