Knowing yourself plus the chosen set of additional knowledge and competencies are the key to a successful career.
CAREER BASKET offers a wide range of workshops and trainings in the field of recognizing one's own personal and career orientations, in the field of entering the labor market and content for improving knowledge in other various fields.

Workshop participants will learn to identify their strengths and their interests for the future and their career path. Through identifying the expression of their own personality, and career wishes and through practical exercises, the individual in the workshop tries to identify what she/he likes to do, what interests her/him, what she/he is good at and how one can use his potential to integrate into the work environment.

It is recommended to complete the Personal and Professional Development Questionnaire (V-OPR) before the workshop. The questionnaire is currently only available in Slovene and reacheble HERE.

Curriculum vitae (CV) is our marketing tool with which we “sell” our knowledge, skills and abilities. In order to best present, it is best to organize them in a competence portfolio. At the workshop, participants learn to recognize and prepare different forms of CV, get to know the possibilities of preparing CV using the internet tools, they learn the differences between motivation and cover letters an they learn about the importance of competencies and the competency portfolio, how to prepare and manage your personal competence portfolio using the KC UP portal Splet-išče.

Preparing for a job interview is essential if we want to present ourselves, our knowledge and skills really well in this short interview with a potential employer. Most interviews are predictable, so good preparation is possible. At the workshop, participants learn about different forms of selection procedures, different types of job interviews, gain basic instructions for preparation and relevant information that is really important for preparing for a job interview.

To increase the range of your knowledge and skills and to increase your own potential, you can choose between a series of workshops and trainings from different fields:

  • communication and public speaking,
  • conflict resolution,
  • stress management,
  • time management,
  • teamwork,
  • motivation,
  • online marketing and ICT,
  • languages, creative workshops and more.

The workshops are offered by KC UP and UP members as part of the offer of lifelong learning programme at the University of Primorska. More information on Lifelong Learning Programs are availeble in the Catalog of Lifelong Learning at UP.