Participants of the workshop will learn to identify their strengths and their interests for their future and career path. Through determining the expression of one's own personality traits, career orientations and practical exercises, the individual participant will try to identify what he/she likes to do, what he/she is interested in, what he/she is good at and how he/she can use his/her potential when come to the point of integrating into the work environment.

It is desirable that participants complete the Personal and Professional Development Questionnaire (V-OPR) before the workshop, which is available HERE.
*the questionnaire is currently available only in Slovenian.


Entering the labor market is a set of two workshops in which participant acquires the basic knowledge, skills and information needed for more effective entry into the labor market:

CV & MOTIVATION LETTER: CV is our marketing tool with which we "sell" our knowledge, skills and competencies. The cover letter is its supplement. In times when there is a lot of competition in the labor market, our CV must be prepared in such a perfect way that it will convince our employer of our abilities in just a few short moments. At the workshop, the participants get acquainted with various forms of CV and cover letter.

PREPARING FOR A JOB INTERVIEW: Preparing for a job interview is essential if you want to present yourself and your knowledge and skills really well in this short interview with a potential employer. Most interviews are predictable, so good preparation is possible. At the workshop, participants learn about different forms of selection procedures, different types of job interviews, obtain basic instructions for preparation and relevant information that is important for preparing for a job interview.


The set is intended for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge in various fields:
- teamwork,
- communication and public speaking skills,
- successful conflict resolution,
- motivation,
- IKT workshops,
- knowledge of relationship psychology and stress management,
- online marketing and online business,
- imrpoving language skills (Russian, English, Italian and Slovenian for foreigners),
- creative workshops, ...
The workshops are offered by KC UP and UP members as part of the offer of Lifelong Learning events at the University of Primorska.
Information on events and dates of implementation are available in the Lifelong Learning UP Catalog here.