This part of workshops is intended to self-exploration.

 Are you choosing on which college to go? Are you wandering what your life mission is?

At the workshop you will get an insight at the expressiveness of your personal traits and career preferences in order to apply this new knowledge when discovering out what your life mission truly is.

If you want you can also fill out the Personal and Career Development Questionnaire and receive short feedback through which you can explore your strengths. Personal and Career Development Questionnaire is for now available only in Slovene language which is available here


If we are able to recognize our potentials and if we know how to transfer them in our everyday life, the quality of life gets better.


Enter the labour market is a set of workshop on which individual acquires additional competences that are needed today to effectively enter the labour market.  

CV IN THREE STEPS: little secrets of the greatest curriculum vitaes-do you dare to step out of the crowd? Let you CV reflects your potential.

MOTIVATIONAL LETTER: Do you know how to attract the attention of the employer with your motivational letter? Do not worry, sign up to the workshop and learn.

PREPARATION FOR A JOB INTERVIEW: First impression in 10 minutes or how the time can't be reversed. With role play you will learn about small hints on what is right ant what can be improved before you go to the job interview.


This set of workshop is intended to anyone who would like to improve their knowledge from different fields. In the academic year 2019/2020 we offer following workshops and courses:

  • soft skills workshops (teamwork, communication and public speaking, successful conflict resolution, motivation)
  • information and communication technology workshops
  • relationship psychology and stress management
  • online marketing and online business
  • Let’s talk workshops (Russian, Italian and Slovene language)
  • creative workshops


All of the mentioned workshops are conducted within the framework of mostly 2 to 3 hours free workshops that are sufficient to acquire desired competences.